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My brother is a high school teacher. Everyday he arrives home famished and on the hunt for a snack as he always manages to find at least a two or more students that arrived at school without a meal to eat for lunch.  The sad part is, he could only feed so many kids with two sandwiches. This was such a sad story to me, as I firmly believe no child, or any person for that matter should ever go hungry. It was at this point after brainstorming with my mom, who grew up in a very poor household, that we came up with the idea of a small feeding scheme for these kids.  

I decided that every evening I would pack 12 sandwiches and send them off to school with my brother trusting that the Lord will recveal whom needs it the most. So far every day these sandwiches have reached the right kids at the right time. 

With me, it is never just black and white with any project. Two slices of bread simply cannot cut it for a high school student about to write exams! I make sure I pack these sandwiches with love and care. Each bag has a healthy sandwich with a snack eg. biscuits, crisps, joghurt, peanuts etc. But wait, there's MORE! Each sandwich gets a note from me with a verse of the day, as well as an encouragement. Encouraging the kids to pray for someone, some days I encourage them to tell someone about Jesus. I feel that this project is the perfect way to spread the Gospel. And if I can reach just one person a day and make them understand how loved and accepted they are no matter their circumstances, then it makes it all worth it.! 

Since we started this project, many parents have personally messaged my brother to extend their gratitude as for some of these children this is the only meal they received on that particular day. 

Each night as I pack these lunches, I pray to God. I ask the Lord to bless the sandwich and to help us grow as well as reach more children. I know that there are more than 12 children in need of a healthy lunch. And although there are many feeding schemes all over the country, this one is our baby and our passion. We want to reach as many kids as we can and spread the Word of God to everyone enjoying a healthy meal knowing that they are welcome at "My Father's Table".

At present this project is self funded. But in order for us to grow we would need assistance from sponsors. Therefore we are in the process of registering this project as a Non Profit Organization as this will definitely assist us by getting assistance from retailers & business owners as well as the public.


Therefore, for every Clothed in Faith box purchased, a portion of the proceeds will go to this project and assist a child with a healthy meal! 


Our goal is to be able to assist the needy families with a food parcel every month as some of them have other family members at home that also go without a meal some days. 


Would you like to help?

There are many ways to get involved! 


* Monetary Donations

* Grocery / Gift vouchers

* None Perishable food items

Sponsor a Family

By filling a box with non perishable food items, and words of encouragement! We will arrange and cover the cost of the collection via courier or the post office! 

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