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As a wife, mommy & Entrepreneur I hardly ever have time for anything! Most of my days are spent running to and from school, occupational therapy for my eldest son Cameron as well as swimming lessons, Moms & Tots with my youngest son Matthew, managing a business, answering a very busy phone line & doing admin! This is followed by cooking for my family, maintaining our household and still attempt to have a smile on my face when my husband walks in the door every evening!

Most days I don't know how I will get it all done, but by the Grace of God I get most of my things done and still manage to get at least 4 hours sleep in after a long day! Please don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, I love my family, I love working from home, I love cooking for my family and especially love and am forever grateful to the Lord for the fact that I can be there for my children even when our days are filled with chaos!

But, apart from being a mom, wife, driver, chef and admin clerk, I am first and foremost also a Daughter of a King. And even though we do not always realize, this is the most important role we have in life. The way we represent ourselves to our friends, families & every person we meet in our day to day life, is very important as it reflects our Father's Glory.

I am not saying we will always smile, and never feel tired or weary, but the way we handle these challenges is the most important.

If I have to be honest, most of my days are so chaotic I tend to lose myself by the end of the day. We have all been there. Your day starts out positively and nothing can beat your positive outlook as you are determined to make the best of your day. But then something happens that throws it all upside down and you are drowned in the chaotic demands of life!

My biggest challenge is spending more time in the Word of God. This is the most important part of your day & life. However because I run out of time, each morning I am exhausted and each evening even more so.

I read a lot, and whenever I am on the couch whilst my husband is watching television I am always reading. I have quite a big variety of books from a wide variety of writers / preachers. I enjoy reading these as they bring so much insight into the word of God and cover topics which I personally resonate with. But I hardly ever have an hour or two for myself to sit and do intense bible study without having an distractions or a little one asking for juice or a snack.

Most of the time I am extremely hard on myself regarding this. I look at other Christian moms and wonder how do they do it?

The other day I read an Instagram post by Pastor Leon Du Preez' wife, Este-lee Du Preez. They are from Encounter Church (I have not visited their church yet, but hoping to during the course of this year). I cannot recall her exact words, but she touched on the subject that God knows and understands how busy we are as moms. Then it dawned on me, He gave us our kids to love and nurture as they grow up. He knows how much time we spend with our kids and the demands thereof. He is our Father and nobody in this world understands better than Him! He is present in our day to day struggles, guiding us, holding us, carrying us, sometimes without us realizing. Our biggest and most important ministry is our children (I learned this from one of my favorite preachers - Lisa Bevere). And I honestly believe that no matter how limited our time, we can still walk with the Lord, speak to Him during the day as we tend to our day to day schedules, include Him in everything we do. If we make sure that we start our day with some quiet time and end it with some quiet time, we are spending time with our Father, and we know He will always carry us through. Read a devotional, and take the Word of God and read the scriptures that the devotional refer to, and read it out loud out of your Bible. And during the day, repeat that same verse over and over again. Make sure you understand and grasp it. And first and foremost make sure that the enemy hears it. And probably most importantly, we should stop comparing ourselves with others!! God made all of us unique!

A verse comes to mind: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" - Philippians 4:13

I loved a message I watched from Pastor Steven Furtick - The enemy cannot defeat you, you don't run from him, he runs from you. You resist him and he flees. BUT.....since he cannot defeat you, he will always try and distract you, or discourage you. because he cannot defeat you, because Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world, but he will distract you with what others are doing. Distract you how other parents are raising their family, and certainly we can learn from them, but if we get so distracted at how they are doing it, we might miss the uniqueness of how God made you to do it.

Since then, I have made a conscious decision that every time I am alone, in the shower, on the couch, when my kids are sleeping, whilst driving in my car, I take a few minutes to chat to the Lord. Some days I cry before Him telling Him about how I feel. Other days I just sing praise and worship songs whilst driving. And sometimes I just tell Him about my day. He is our Father and He wants to be part of every detail of our lives. So let's make sure we include Him, even when we are crazy busy. He wants to hold us, guide us and be part of our lives.

So chin up mommy, you've got this. You keep doing what you are doing and the Lord will strengthen you. And trust me, the more you include the Lord, the more time you will have, and at the end of the day you will start wondering how you did it all!

Stay blessed!

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